Posted on 2009-12-28 22:20:07

The Librarian

CreativeCrash link: The Librarian

Download link: The Librarian


  • FK-IK blend
  • Stretch
  • Ribbon Controls
  • Facial Controls
  • Smears
  • Proxy, Low, High Display Modes


  • FK-IK Matching
  • Dynamic Parenting
  • More Cheek Controls


  • rigged by me: John David Marte (
  • modelled and textured by Nurulhuda Halim (rayzack[at]

Changelog: * 1.0.1 fixed twist problems on right leg
(Thanks to Christian Yamaya for pointing this out)

dimeji ajibola
2010-02-03 19:26:31

Hi I'm in love with the librarian rig and thanks for the share. I have a couple of models of my own that I'll like to rig for a personal short movie. Can you rig them for me? I can donate something for the effort. Please, let me know.

2010-02-04 09:09:09

LOL! That's very nice to hear. I can't make promises though. But if you'd like to send me 1) screenshots of your models, including topology closeups, and 2) what kind of movements you'd like incorporate into the animation, I'd be happy to think about it. Again, I can't make any promises yet. But having these info would allow me to make my decision. If the project looks like fun, you don't even have to make any donation. :)