Posted on 2012-07-06 01:03:38

Halfway There, is Here

I'm an emotional passionate runner. I don't think that's bad. In fact, that allowed me to have colorful stories to share about running. But it also set me up to only run when things are not going well. So when the going gets tough, you'll know where to find me. But if everything is going my way, I'll be every where and any where except on the pavement.

Now I'd like to resume running, but this time I'll do it for the right reasons. I won't wait for a heartfelt inspiration, or desperation just to run. I'd like to move forward, and I'd like to do it hard.

As part of this massive mindset shift, I moved to a new place on July 1. On that Sunday, I hauled my luggage in only to find paint buckets and paint brushes strewn everywhere. The walls half white and half yellow piss.

I dropped all my things and decided to finish the job. A few hours later, my right arm was 10 times heavier than my left. But my room was white. Aftew cleaning up, I slept on my new bed.

The next day, I saw rainbows everywhere, even inside our dark office. I thought it was my lucky day. I realized what was wrong when I came back in my room. I didn't realize the gradual increase in fumes I was inhaling when I was painting my room. I actually slept and breathed everything in. No wonder I dreamt of flying. Douglas Adams said all you had to do is jump high, and miss the ground on the way down.

I'm optimistic. It's been half of the year 2012 and I had been working hard. In this new place, I'd like to be able to create a lot of things. I have tons of project ideas in my head. This will be where I dream and work on my dreams.

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