Posted on 2012-08-25 21:08:13

Old Render Tests

I found some old render tests on my youtube channel that I just uploaded without giving much thought. They were in private mode and only those who knew they existed could view them, provided they had the link memorize in their heads. That's unlikely.

I took a preanimated fairy (from chiusan) from an old short we never got to finish, lathered it up with a good dose of paint effects and rainbow bokeh and viola, it's magic! It looks like the quality you get from a DVD that's actually a VCD with footage from a handheld camera snuck inside a cinema.

And here's a salt shaker from a favorite restaurant: Asian House, right next to our office, @prime center. We used to eat there daily. My fellow lecturers and I were discussing our misfortunes when someone rhetorically asked how difficult it woudl be to model that salt shaker. I thought about it, and that's the problem.

I realize I frequently jump in to challenges proposed by friends just shooting out ideas. But well, here's what I ended up in.

Those two videos seem to be from another lifetime. I was probably bored at work, goofing around with these too much. Looking at them now, I only wish I had a linux box to work on them. I could have done much more, could have set things up much better.

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