Posted on 2012-08-31 17:01:42

Proof Samsung Copied from Apple

I'm sure you have seen this image. It's all over facebook.


What you don't know is there is some truth to it. I mean, maybe there is some truth to it. Just that Samsung probably over did it with this time. Cuz there's this new samsung..

cam phone half camera side

cam phone half phone side

Look at those photos and then watch this video, a fake iPhone 5 promotion leaked.

What do you think? Aren't you worried they don't charge Samsung another billion dollars in 5 cent coins.

The half and half is Samsung's new Galaxy. It's not out yet, but I'm sure everyone is excited. It's got a whopping 16 megapixel camera, 21x zoom. That's not bad. It's a real point and shoot.

Now that you only have one device to bring every where around you have more space for your 5 cent coins to put in your pockets.

Or not! That thing is thick! Although, Samsung was never one to shy away from large handhelds. I tease all my friends when ever they bring their galaxy notes out. I ask them why do they bring their LCD screens to dinner.

But if you ask me, this means they would soon be able to have the technology to have all phones have something-sixteen megapixels. They should. They don't get no choice. Cuz this phone is a deal breaker! How could other phones sell anything below 10 megapixels now?

Samsung probably timed the release of this piece of news to bring the sales down for whatever the new iphone 5 would really be when it comes out. Cuz if Apple claims the iPhone 5 has got an improved camera, everyone would say, "well, it's not 16megapixels yet!"

Apple might need a bit more of the "Steve Jobs Reality Distortion" for the next iPhone release.

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